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I am Sukirta Chopra - a healer. It has been a long journey of learning and experience. I am a Landmark Education and Silva Mind Control graduate, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki and Magnified Healing Master and also practice and teach Hypno - Reiki with past life regression therapy. I also practice Theta Healing, Crystal Healing, Orb of Life and use and teach Pyramid energy for healing and empowerment. Last but not the least, I am very involved in counselling for stress and relationships. more about me

Reiki Workshops


This has been a fantastic experience. I was not even aware of many of the possibilities
I learnt at this Level 1 workshop. Sukirta and Urmi’s vast knowledge and unending patience with all our questions has made this an absolute eye opening beautiful experience that I will enjoy practising and developing through my life. Very grateful to both of them. Ajita Gopal

First of all, I feel very blessed to Masters like Sukirta and Urmi Mam. When I thought to learn Reiki I was very tensed and scared. But today when I completed my first level, I feel like WOW! I feel very blessed, very calm, very light. I want to complete my 2nd level and feel and enjoy the blessings of Reiki.
I am very happy to learn this and would like to share my experience after healing my problem. Thank you so very much to my friend Pooja, student of Sukirta Mam, who told me about Reiki. Parul Sharma

AMAZING LIFE CHANGER! Have learnt lots of good things. Looking forward to implement them and make maximum use of this skill. Anurag Gupta

The workshop imbibed in me the feeling that even I have the ability to  heal myself and others. I come back from this workshop as a more relaxed person. Rajat Harlalka

I got amazing art to heal myself and others. In both ways we come to know to respect ourselves and others despite the difference whether it is human being or any other living or non-living beings. Bhupinder Kumar Kaushik

It was a very serene experience, a weekend very well spent. For the least that I know or I can say, I feel extremely light, clear and offloaded. A lot of clutter has vanished and I feel that the first steps towards self healing are well on the way. Thanks for being wonderful guides. Name Witheld